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AVIATION: Bridging the gaps

Grand Forks Herald, May, 2006

By 2025 the air transportation system will outgrow the capacity of American airport infrastructure, some experts say.

With easy access to technological advances that would make light jet aviation safer, faster, cheaper and usable by almost everyone, on-demand charters such as Grand Forks-based Point2Point Airways could help alleviate congested hub airports around the country, said Bruce Holmes, director of strategic partnerships, planning and management at NASA's Langley Research Center.

Point2Point is a provider of prepaid time for on-demand charter flights.

About 20 hub-and-spoke airports around the country now serve 80 percent of commercial airline passengers, according to the FAA.

The demand is expected to triple by 2025. But the current aerospace architecture can't be scaled to take the pressure off busy airports, Holmes said.

To meet the anticipated growth and demand of the air transportation market in the next 20 years in a ...

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