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Eagle Aviation might take over Owens services
(Columbia) State, The, May, 2006. Hamilton wants to remain airport manager [...]

Aviation playground: Robins air show takes to skies today and Sunday
Forget mowing the lawn. Change the oil in the family clunker another day. [...]

AVIATION: Bridging the gaps
By 2025 the air transportation system will outgrow the capacity of American airport infrastructure, [...]

Aviation firms seek European sales
Europe is an important and growing market for the business aviation industry [...]

Museum of Aviation golf tournament to honor Scott
This year's Museum of Aviation spring golf tournament will celebrate the life and [...]

Aviation museum's first aircraft gets face-lift
The first aircraft acquired by the Museum of Aviation 23 years ago has undergone an extensive face-lift thanks to [...]

Airport Security Screener Jobs - TSA Turnover Down With Improvements
Airport security screeners are federal employees. Their job falls under [...]

Understanding Aircrafts Part By Part
In a car, there might be parts that I do not care about. It is only in cases [...]

Aircraft Mechanic Training
With the help of FAA-approved aircraft mechanic training, you could be working as [...]

Aviation English - Necessary Language Skills For Aircraft Operators
The language for all aviators and air traffic control officers (ATCOs) who wish to [...]

Jump Start Your Career In Aircraft Ground Handling
The aviation industry offers many opportunities and exciting careers [...]

Aviation Careers
The aviation industry has seen some hard times in the recent years and all those who were [...]

How to Start Flying Scale Model Airplanes
Almost or many RC airplane enthusiast dream of having their favorite full size replica [...]

Why Air Charters Are Flying High
Privately chartered aircraft are increasing in popularity among many travelers [...]

Learning More About International Airports
When scheduling a flight, whether that flight be domestic or international [...]

How To Choose An Aviation Flight School
From general aviation for the recreationist to enrollment in the CAPT program, [...]

Aircraft Maintenance
Flying in the sky like a free bird has always been a dream and motivated the Wright Brothers [...]

What Does It Take To Create Model Airplanes
Have you visited an aircraft modeling expositions, shows or shops? They are full with so many different airplanes, helicopters, gliders... sometimes you may even see model ultralight trikes, paragliders, gyroplanes, balloons. Some models can fly with or without a remote control, other are static scale models of real aircrafts. What kind of people are creating them? [...]

Careers In The Aviation Industry
The air-transport aviation industry has grown tremendously over the years and includes all aspects of commercial airlines. The past few years, have been difficult for the aviation industry. [...]

Four Types Of Model Aircrafts You Can Build
Do you enjoy the beautiful model aircrafts that are sold in the toy shops and on so many sites online? Of course you can just go to a shop or click on a site and buy the ones you like most.s [...]